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Here are the most recent music tracks I have listened to. Data is pulled from my Last.fm XML feed every 15 minutes. A maximum of 2000 will be stored. Live data will appear above automatically if I am playing tracks at the present time (Requires Javascript)

Artist | v | Title | v | Time Ago | v |
Cold War Kids Hang Me Up to Dry 6 weeks
AFI Get Dark 6 weeks
AFI Back into the Sun 6 weeks
AFI Break Angels 6 weeks
Bloc Party Banquet 7 weeks
Cloud Cult I'm Not Gone 7 weeks
Cloud Cult No Hell 7 weeks
Cloud Cult Journey of the Featherless 7 weeks
Mumford & Sons 42 7 weeks
Mumford & Sons 42 9 weeks
The Smashing Pumpkins Seek And You Shall Destroy 10 weeks
Cloud Cult Story of the Grandson of Jesus 11 weeks
Cloud Cult The Will of a Volcano 11 weeks
Counting Crows [feat. Sheryl Crow] American Girls [feat. Sheryl Crow] 12 weeks
Counting Crows I Wish I Was A Girl 12 weeks
Bob Dylan Blowin' in the Wind 13 weeks
JP Cooper September Song (Guitar Acoustic) 13 weeks
Roddy Woomble A skull with a Teardrop 13 weeks
Roddy Woomble Like Caruso 13 weeks
Roddy Woomble Jupiter 13 weeks
Roddy Woomble I Came in from the Mountain 13 weeks
Counting Crows Accidentally in Love 13 weeks
Counting Crows Earthquake Driver 13 weeks
Tom Grennan Found What I've Been Looking For 13 weeks
Conor Oberst Night At Lake Unknown 13 weeks