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Fake email addresses no more!

Have finally got around to implementing an activation email into the site. Anyone who has registered with a fake email address is now set to inactive and will not be able to login until they become active. Emails have been sent to all users, even the email addresses that looked fake. If you don't receive an email with your activation link, then you'll need to contact me using this form to explain why you registered with a fake email address, and what you'd like it changed to.

Why do you bother?

The whole point of having member systems is so that a community can be built around it. You can get notified by email if other users respond to posts/comments you have made. What is the point of registering with a fake email address? I have no idea but it will now hopefully stop.

If you do insist on registering with a fake email address, go ahead. Rest assured it will not get your profile page indexed in any search engines.

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