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Site Enhancements

This post is just to give an update on a few site enhancements that have been made recently.

  • Site has been moved to a much more powerful server, so should be faster.
  • Searching using the search form at the top of each page in the header has autocomplete on it. It will search as you type (minimum of 3 characters must be typed before the autocomplete kicks in) through albums, artists, movies, tv shows, enigma titles, enigma numbers and blog posts. This should come in handy if you want to quickly go to a particular enigma page.
  • Most of the form fields have been updated to use some of the new HTML 5 attributes. This will probably only be noticeable to you in the main search form field at the top of each page, where the default text of 'Search Term...' appears. This is done using the new 'placeholder' attribute. You should be able to see this change in any decent modern browser.
  • Help on using BBCode in the enigma responses has been added to the site. This can be seen by clicking the green 'i' icon just above the response textarea box, which will open up a popup/modal window.
  • Previewing an enigma response is now done using AJAX so the whole page does not need to be reloaded anymore. The preview should now be much quicker to display. This requires Javascript to be enabled in your browser, so if you have Javascript disabled, the preview will not work.
  • When receiving an email notification of a new enigma response, and clicking the link in the email, it will now take you to that particular response. Whilst this is how it normally behaved before, it failed when there had been more new responses which had taken the responses on to a new page, causing the response in the link to be on a previous page.

The following are planned updates which I will start working on as soon as possible.

  • Ability to unsubscribe from receiving emails when a new enigma response is added to an enigma question where you have previously left a response.
  • Ability to subscribe to an enigma question to receive emails whenever a new response is added to it, even if you have not previously added a response on that enigma question.

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