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Here are the most recent music tracks I have listened to. Data is pulled from my Last.fm XML feed every 10 minutes. A maximum of 2000 will be stored. Live data will appear above automatically if I am playing tracks at the present time (Requires Javascript)

Artist | v | Title | v | Time Ago | v |
Hayden Calnin Caution Cares (Rework) 4 hours
Blair Dunlop Let’s Dance To Paganini 4 hours
Pieta Brown Only Flying 4 hours
Saytr Play Future 4 hours
Joshua Hyslop Someday 4 hours
Electric Fields From Little Things Big Things Grow 4 hours
Hudson Taylor The Place I Called Home 4 hours
River Matthews Butterflies 4 hours
The Parlotones Whistle Dixie Dizzy 4 hours
Mélanie Pain Good enough 4 hours
Lynn Miles A Heart Can Only Take So Much 4 hours
Green on Red Little Things in Life 4 hours
The Dunwells Follow The Road (Tim Palmer Mix) 5 hours
Lucy May Walker Obsessed with You 5 hours
David Ford Philadelphia Boy 5 hours
Emily Maguire Banks of the Acheron 5 hours
Saybia Stranded 5 hours
Ashley Chambliss turn your world around 5 hours
Adam Holmes and The Embers Strange Weather 5 hours
Jaimee Harris Depressive State 5 hours
Maz O'Connor What a Wonderful World 5 hours
Will Varley Insect 5 hours
Leo Wilde You Will Never Be Alone 5 hours
Narrative Starving For Attention [Explicit] 5 hours
James Dean Bradfield WITHOUT KNOWING THE END (JOAN'S SONG) 1 day