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Here are the most recent music tracks I have listened to. Data is pulled from my Last.fm XML feed every 10 minutes. A maximum of 2000 will be stored. Live data will appear above automatically if I am playing tracks at the present time (Requires Javascript)

Artist | v | Title | v | Time Ago | v |
Playwrite Black Cloud 5 days
Ziggy Alberts THE SUN & THE SEA 5 days
Ezra Bell i prefer your statue to any mannequin 5 days
The Brevet Paris 5 days
All Faces The Oaks 5 days
Bertie Newman Seaside Eyes 5 days
Esmé Patterson Circles 5 days
Edwin Raphael Will You Think of Me Later? 5 days
Dan Mills Let Life Do 5 days
Lawson Hull Time Zones 5 days
Fo Daniels Know Me, Know Me 5 days
The Hollow Men Coming Down 5 days
Jack Bradley Vaught Overlook 5 days
Trent Dabbs Goes Without Saying 5 days
Alice Markham New Song 5 days
Nick Cunningham Blue Skies 5 days
Will Hearn Little Dog 5 days
The Sunshine Strip Settle 5 days
Dusty Boots Yeah You Love Me 5 days
Jake Soffer From Sea To Sky 5 days
The Bundys Honey, Are We? 5 days
Nathan Colberg Keep Me in the Light 5 days
Ed Prosek Man Overboard 5 days
Jake Etheridge There's A Ghost On My Doorstep - DEMO 5 days
Sunday Lemonade Countless Corners 5 days