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New Scientist Enigma Questions

This is a section where the enigma questions set in the magazine New Scientist will be published. New Scientist is published weekly and so there should be a new question posted up weekly. Each publication includes the answer to a previous enigma question, usually 6 weeks previous. Therefore, if that question is unanswered on here, the answer will be posted up.

Enigma Statistics

Total Enigmas Answered Total Responses
407 100 % 8252

Recent Questions [Browse]

Number Title Author Answered Responses
1780 Pure Hedronism Bob Walker Yes C 72
1779 Four Triangles Richard England Yes C 24
1778 Around The Houses Ian Duff Yes C 19
1777 Powerful Tombola Susan Denham Yes C 48
1776 Elevenses Susan Denham Yes C 38
1775 Third Symphony Adrian Somerfield Yes C 15
1774 March Of The Ants Ian Kay Yes C 9
1773 Cutting Corners Bob Walker Yes C 8
1772 Clueless Susan Denham Yes C 11
1771 Squares Either Way Richard England Yes C 8
1770 Power Point 2 Adrian Somerfield Yes C 10
1769 Crossing Lines Ian Kay Yes C 7
1768 Die Hard Susan Denham Yes C 34
1767 Not Over Easy Bob Walker Yes C 18
1766 Triangular Sums Richard England Yes C 8
1765 Repeating Digits Ian Kay Yes C 41
1764 Secret Passages Adrian Somerfield Yes C 32
1763 Clever Spells Susan Denham Yes C 8
1762 Quo Vadis?II Bob Walker Yes C 104
1761 Clock Work V. V. Bapeswara Rao Yes C 20
1760 Squares and cubes Peter G.Chamberlain Yes C 50
1759 Cell Count Richard England Yes C 46
1758 Path-o-logical Susan Denham Yes C 55
1757 Power Point Adrian Somerfield Yes C 31
1756 Two Triangles Richard England Yes C 20