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Anyone got a Last.fm account?

If you have a Last.fm account, post a reply on here with a link to your user page. The more people the better!

Last.fm logo

Here is my page. You can also see my recent tracks played here. That page automatically pulls data into my own database without a page reload, so if I'm playing music whilst you are on that page, it will automatically update the tracks. Awesome!

And here's another plan I have. Yes that's 2 in a week now! The plan is to add another field to users profile which can store their Last.fm username. Then on your profile page your recent tracks will be shown. I am sure there is more stuff that can be done with the data from Last.fm, I just can't think what else at the moment.  Any ideas? Please leave a comment.

Profile Page Update

Just a small update. I didn't like the profile page for users. It was just one long list of information stretching down the page, so the page has had a bit of a redesign and looks much better now. Here's my profile page for you to take a look at.

On a seperate note, I am going to add in the ability to leave comments on albums in the near future. Keep an eye out for this feature. It will work in the same way as the enigma responses do. If you leave a comment and somebody else then leaves a comment after you, you will get notified by email of the new comment.