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Enigma Section Up And Running

Have finally got the Enigma section of the site setup and working. This is a section where the enigma questions set in the magazine New Scientist will be published. New Scientist is published weekly and so there should be a new question posted up weekly. Each magazine also provides the answer to a previous enigma question, usually 6 weeks previous. Therefore, if that question is unanswered, the answer will be posted up.

There are a few little design tweaks to be done to the Enigma section but the actual backend code for it is completed. I have also added in a php bbcode tag so that php code can be inserted into the responses and it will automatically be highlighted to make the code more readable.

Here's an example:

// a comment
$variable = 'yes';
$sum = 1 + 2;

I also updated the header slightly. Just made the text on the logo a little bigger and with a slight gradient on it. It's not brilliant but I think it looks much better than it did previously.

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