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Enigma response multiple submissions

Recently it seems that the addition of an enigma response is having a bit of a problem. The result of this is that users are hitting the Submit button again and again. And this is actually producing multiple responses all with the same text by that user.

So today, I have added in a bit of code to check the most recent response. If you then try and add another response when you are the most recent responder, it will let you know and not add the response. For those who genuinely need to add another response, I will soon add the ability for a user to edit their last response, so any updates can be added to that rather than posting a new one.

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Hi Colin.

I understand the need to restrict the erroneous multiple posts. I don't think that the problem is due to users hitting submit, but rather hitting refresh after making a post. I know that I've done this. (post response. Minimize window. Find that window a day later. Hmm - any responses?....hit refresh and OOPS)

Instead of outright prevention (which requires an edit feature), why not just add an "Are you sure?" prompt if there are multiple sequential posts?
Ability to edit your last response should now be working. Any problems please let me know.