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Here are the most recent music tracks I have listened to. Data is pulled from my Last.fm XML feed every 10 minutes. A maximum of 2000 will be stored. Live data will appear above automatically if I am playing tracks at the present time (Requires Javascript)

Artist | v | Title | v | Time Ago | v |
Frank Turner To Absent Friend 2 years
Frank Turner Faithful Son 2 years
Frank Turner Good & Gone 2 years
Frank Turner The Ladies of London Town 2 years
Frank Turner Substitute 2 years
Weezer Heart Songs 2 years
Blue October Clumsy Card House 2 years
Blue October Ugly Side 2 years
Blue October Two A.M. Lovesick 2 years
Blue October Breakfast After Ten 2 years
Harvey Danger Flagpole Sitta 2 years
EVE 6 Amphetamines 2 years
Poets of the Fall 3 AM 2 years
EVE 6 Think Twice 2 years
Everclear Santa Monica 2 years
Everclear Heroin Girl 2 years
Placebo Blind 2 years
Nada Surf Popular 2 years
Matchbox Twenty Long Day 2 years
EVE 6 Think Twice 2 years
Crashland Submission 2 years
Crashland Standard Love Affair 2 years
Crashland The Sun In My Eyes 2 years
Crashland New Perfume 2 years
Crashland Modern Animal 2 years