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Family Guy

Family Guy revolves around the Griffins, although mainly Peter, the fat, obnoxious, idiotic father who in the end will do anything for his family. Lois, his wife, does her best to keep things in check. Coming from a rich family (the Pewterschmidts), Lois can be elegant at certain times, and as wild as Peter at others. She's a stay-at-home mom who teaches piano in her spare time. Then there's Meg, their 16 year old daughter. Meg is socially awkward and often the bud of even her family's jokes.

Chris, their 14 year old son, is somewhat mentally slow but artistically brilliant. Chris has no trouble making friends, but meeting girls is somewhat a problem for him. Stewie, the diabolically evil, super-intelligent, baby whose main focus is killing his mother Lois. And of course, Brian, the Griffin's martini sippin', dry witted, intelligent, talking dog who secretly loves Lois. Brian can enjoy a nice night at the opera with an intelligent woman, although some times his dog instincts get the best of him.


This show has 15 seasons consisting of a total of 289 episodes

Season Episodes Ended
1 7 Yes
2 21 Yes
3 22 Yes
4 30 Yes
5 18 Yes
6 12 Yes
7 16 Yes
8 21 Yes
9 18 Yes
10 23 Yes
11 22 Yes
12 21 Yes
13 18 Yes
14 20 Yes
15 20 Yes

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