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The planet Caprica is the cultural, economic, political, educational, and technological centre of the Twelve Colonies. However, this world is also rotting. Plagued with decadence and crime, the people of Caprica are unaware of the storm brewing in the form of the creation of the Cylons, a robotic life-form that is destined to rebel and eventually destroy the Twelve Colonies.

Set nearly 60 years before the events depicted in Battlestar Galactica, Caprica tells the story of how the Cylons came to be, set against the backdrop of the Graystones and the Adamas, two families that are changed in an act of tragedy that takes the lives of their daughters. Hoping to bring her back through his technological developments and their combined intellect, Daniel Graystone attempts to resurrect his daughter Zoe's consciousness into a cybernetic unit, and seeks the help of Joseph Adama, a lawyer whose family has connections to a powerful criminal organisation. Despite their desire to bring back their loved ones, the two have different boundaries on their morals that will be tested as they try to reconcile their loss.

Although taking place in the past of the same universe as its mother series and utilising the story of the Cylons and Adama family, the series differs significantly in its approach. Taking place on land instead of predominately in space, in a time of turmoil but not war, the series will be less chaotic, allowing time for characters to relax with more resources at their disposal.


This show has 1 season consisting of a total of 18 episodes

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