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Set in New Orleans, K-Ville is a gripping new police drama. Two years after the devistating hurricane Katrina, New Orleans is still in shambles and chaos continues to rule the streets. Criminals roam the city armed with AK-47s, many of the police force has left, and stations, jails, and labs still haven't been rebuilt. The few cops that remain must pool their courage and strength to help bring back law and order to the city they love.

The force includes Marlin Boulet (Anthony Anderson), a brash veteran of the Felony Action Squad who specializes in tracking down the most-wanted. His partner left after the storm, but Boulet stayed in the city and two years later is still won't hesistate to bend the rules in order to catch a criminal. Boulet's new partner, Trevor Cobb (Cole Hauser) is a veteran soldier who fought in Afghanistan prior to joining the NOPD. He's committed to his job, but has trouble adjusting to Boulet's method of doing things, mainly due to a dark secret Cobb is keeping.


This show has 1 season consisting of a total of 11 episodes

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