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Modern Toss

Modern Toss is a bang up-to-date new cartoon sketch show that also features live action-animation hybrids. Based on the foul-mouthed cult comic and website of the same name, Modern Toss was spawned from 2005's Comedy Lab season. It features a host of maladjusted characters including Mr Tourette, a fearless master sign writer whose challenging business re-branding solutions are often mistaken by clients for deliberately abusive drivel; the socially-inept Alan, who reacts to bland family gatherings with carefully-orchestrated destruction; two ASBO astronauts who delight in tormenting one another; a troupe of five-foot tall human letters that spell foul words on the side of hills and then get arrested; and a bionic mosquito capable of sucking a dinosaur dry.


This show has 2 seasons consisting of a total of 12 episodes

Season Episodes Ended
1 6 Yes
2 6 Yes

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