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'The El Dude Brothers' is what they refer to themselves as. Best friends and roommates, Mark and Jeremy (also known as Jez) are two of the most different people you'd ever meet.

Mark is a logical person who has a career in a credit company; has his sights set on the girl of his dreams, Sophie; and is completely uncomfortable with himself.

Jeremy, on the other hand, is more than comfortable with himself, to the point of narcissism; he falls 'in love' so often, one questions his understanding of the word or his capacity of genuine emotions; and finally, his job is avoiding work an aspiring musician.


This show has 9 seasons consisting of a total of 54 episodes

Season Episodes Ended
1 6 Yes
2 6 Yes
3 6 Yes
4 6 Yes
5 6 Yes
6 6 Yes
7 6 Yes
8 6 Yes
9 6 Yes

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