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Artist Title Year Added
Takida Make You Breathe 2006 4th Jun 06
Takida Bury The Lies 2007 29th Jul 07
Takida The Darker Instinct 2009 3rd Sep 09
Takida The Burning Heart 2011 3rd Aug 11
Taking Back Sunday Tell All Your Friends 2002 28th Sep 04
Taking Back Sunday Where You Want To Be 2004 28th Aug 04
Taking Back Sunday Louder Now 2006 7th May 06
Taking Back Sunday New Again 2009 20th May 09
The Tallest Man on Earth Shallow Grave 2008 30th May 20
The Tallest Man on Earth The Wild Hunt 2010 30th May 20
The Tallest Man on Earth There's No Leaving Now 2012 30th May 20
The Tallest Man on Earth Dark Bird Is Home 2015 30th May 20
The Tallest Man on Earth I Love You. It's a Fever Dream. 2019 30th May 20
Taproot Gift 2000 19th Oct 04
Taproot Welcome 2002 22nd Oct 04
Taproot Blue Sky Research 2005 13th Aug 05
Taproot Our Long Road Home 2008 17th Sep 08
Taproot Plead The Fifth 2010 9th May 10
Taproot The Episodes 2012 5th Apr 12
The Tears Here Come The Tears 2005 26th Apr 05
Tenacious D Tenacious D 2002 23rd Oct 04
Terminal How The Lonely Keep 2005 4th Jun 06
Terrorvision Regular Urban Survivors 1996 19th Oct 04
Test Your Reflex The Burning Hour 2007 25th Nov 06
Therapy? Nurse 1993 30th Oct 04