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Artist Title Year Added
Udora Liberty Square 2005 4th Jun 06
Ultraspank Progress 2000 24th Oct 04
Underworld Beaucoup Fish 1999 30th Oct 04
Union Kid He Is Mono 1999 24th Oct 04
Union Kid Candy Falls Here 2000 1st Sep 04
The United States Of America The United States Of America 1968 7th Nov 04
Uresei Yatsura Slain By Uresei Yatsura 1998 24th Oct 04
Uresei Yatsura Everybody Loves Urusei Yatsura 2000 24th Oct 04
The Used The Used 2002 31st Oct 04
The Used Lies For The Liars 2007 2nd Jun 07
The Used Artwork 2009 27th Aug 09