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New site design preview

I have been working on a new design/layout for the site and below is a preview of what it may end up looking like. It's not finished yet and there is a possibility it may end up looking nothing like the preview, but for now this is what the preview looks like. The page shown in the preview is the albums index page.

Hopefully, the new design will be ready soon. I am hoping to have the site running under the new design in the next month or two.

Another minor update that has been done is to the accessibility of the site. I have added an icon to appear after any links which open up a new window to an external site. An example is shown here: Google

Another update has also been made to the login page. This will now redirect you to the page you came from when you clicked the login link. So for example, if you clicked on an enigma question link and were not logged in to the site, the page would provide a login link to click. After clicking this and successfully logging in, you will get redirected back to the enigma question that you were originally on. Before this was implemented, the login page always took you back to the home page, so this change should improve the user experience.