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Profile Page Update

Just a small update. I didn't like the profile page for users. It was just one long list of information stretching down the page, so the page has had a bit of a redesign and looks much better now. Here's my profile page for you to take a look at.

On a seperate note, I am going to add in the ability to leave comments on albums in the near future. Keep an eye out for this feature. It will work in the same way as the enigma responses do. If you leave a comment and somebody else then leaves a comment after you, you will get notified by email of the new comment.

Fake email addresses no more!

Have finally got around to implementing an activation email into the site. Anyone who has registered with a fake email address is now set to inactive and will not be able to login until they become active. Emails have been sent to all users, even the email addresses that looked fake. If you don't receive an email with your activation link, then you'll need to contact me using this form to explain why you registered with a fake email address, and what you'd like it changed to.

Why do you bother?

The whole point of having member systems is so that a community can be built around it. You can get notified by email if other users respond to posts/comments you have made. What is the point of registering with a fake email address? I have no idea but it will now hopefully stop.

If you do insist on registering with a fake email address, go ahead. Rest assured it will not get your profile page indexed in any search engines.

Site Update

The site has had a small update, mainly cosmetic. The background to the main content on each page has been changed and is now just a plain light blue gradient fade. The same has also been applied on the header, only in a dark orange/red colour.

The enigma index page has also received a small update, making it much easier to see which enigma questions are still open for comments, and which ones have their answers confirmed by the magazine.

Enigma Section Up And Running

Have finally got the Enigma section of the site setup and working. This is a section where the enigma questions set in the magazine New Scientist will be published. New Scientist is published weekly and so there should be a new question posted up weekly. Each magazine also provides the answer to a previous enigma question, usually 6 weeks previous. Therefore, if that question is unanswered, the answer will be posted up.

There are a few little design tweaks to be done to the Enigma section but the actual backend code for it is completed. I have also added in a php bbcode tag so that php code can be inserted into the responses and it will automatically be highlighted to make the code more readable.

Here's an example:

// a comment
$variable = 'yes';
$sum = 1 + 2;

I also updated the header slightly. Just made the text on the logo a little bigger and with a slight gradient on it. It's not brilliant but I think it looks much better than it did previously.

Car Pictures

Below are some pictures of my car. The main reason for putting these up is because I have just got a new digital camera and wanted to see what the photos looked like once resized and posted on the internet. These two photos are just general pictures of the car.

Seat Leon Seat Leon

These two pictures show a couple of modifications to the car. The first is the Powertec Induction Kit and the second is the Aero Wiper taken from a Volkswagen Touran.

Powertec Induction Kit VW Touran Aero Wiper

Movie Page Added

The movie page has actually been up for about a week but I forgot to do a post for it. It can be found here and is just a list of all the movies I have seen.

The list of movies is obviously pretty small at the moment but I will keep adding to it and it will soon build up. I will also add a browse section to it fairly soon so that you can see all movies beginning with a particular letter for example.

EDIT: This browse section is now done.

Site Header Update

Have recently carried out a small update to the header. The RSS and ATOM feeds are now directly available from the header. This serves 2 purposes. Firstly, it fills in a gap in the header and so it looks a little better, and secondly, it means I can remove the feeds from the sidebar menu so that the sidebar is not so long.

I have also made the text in the header that appears to the right of the logo part of the logo image. This was to simplify the header and also enabled me to use different fonts and position the text exactly where I wanted it to go.

First Post!

Testing. This is the first post and is just going to be a load of rubbish text for now so that I can work on the stylesheet for the posts.

For my own information, here are some of the different user levels that I have worked out for the site.

  • Level 0 = Suspended (Can do nothing)
  • Level 1 = Can Post Comments
  • Level 2 = Can Post Comments / New Posts (Can't edit)
  • Level 3 = Can Post Comments / New Posts (Can edit posts and comments)
  • Level 4 = Administrator (Can do everything)