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Here are the most recent music tracks I have listened to. Data is pulled from my Last.fm XML feed every 10 minutes. A maximum of 2000 will be stored. Live data will appear above automatically if I am playing tracks at the present time (Requires Javascript)

Artist | v | Title | v | Time Ago | v |
Ryan Keen Wicked Game 1 day
Caroline Glaser Leave It Alone 1 day
Troy Ramey River 1 day
Hills x Hills You Feel Like Home 1 day
Peter Katz Paper Thin 1 day
Jackson Wooten Dirt 1 day
Julian Taylor Ballad Of A Young Troubadour 1 day
Spotify Advertisement 1 day
John-Robert Adeline 1 day
Saint Raymond Carried Away - Mahogany Sessions 1 day
Sam Lynch Mess You Made 1 day
Victoria Bigelow Low 1 day
Spotify Advertisement 1 day
Birds of Bellwoods Pinebox 1 day
Illiterate Light Sometimes Love Takes So Long 1 day
Rupert Stroud Dancing in the Dark 1 day
The Lonely Biscuits Forever 1 day
Frank Rensen Closer To The Sun 1 day
Nate Waite One Day 1 day
Madison Cunningham Song In My Head 1 day
UK Government Advertisement 1 day
Arielle Estoria Magic (In Your Bones) 1 day
New Portals Change of Mind - Acoustic 1 day
Honest Men Ain't No Mountain High Enough 1 day
Spotify Advertisement 1 day